Top 10 things to do and see in Thailand

Maya Bay ThailandeThailand is the perfect destination to start a trip in South-East Asia. Infrastructures are good and it’s an easy country to travel for beginners backpackers. Even if there is a lot of tourist, you have to visit Thailand once because the variety of things to see and do in Thailand is incredible: temples, beaches, excellent food…

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So let’s see the 11 experiences you must do in Thailand:

1/ Explore Bangkok


Even if it’s polluted, there’s a lot of traffic and noise, Bangkok deserve at least two or three days if you are travelling in Thailand:

  • Chatuchak Market: 8000 stalls where you can find anything, from cheap clothes to DVDs
  • Wat Pho Temple, with it’s giant Bouddha
  • Jim Thompson’s house
  • The Wat Phra Kaeo, in the palace
  • Go for a drink at the Sirocco Sky Bar and see the nightview of Bangkok
  • Go buy second hand travelling gear and meet fellow backpacker in Khao San Road

2/ Island and beaches in the south of Thailand

îles similan Thailande

Ko Lanta, Ko Kood, Ko Chang

Very touristic but for good reasons… beaches in Thailand are among the most beautiful in Asia. Maya Bay is the beach from the same name movie, and deserve a visit.

3/ Visit Ayutahya


The best way to eplore the ruins of the ancient capital of Thailand is by bike or by boat. Ayutahya is a world heritage site. The old capital of Sukhothai also deserve a visit.

4/ Chiang Mai

Trek Thailande

Chiang Mai is the ideal base to do some trekking and visit the sceneries of the North of Thailand and visit the hill’s tribes.

You can also do the followings in Chiang Mai:

  • Take cooking lessons
  • Learn Thai boxing
  • The Night Market
  • Visit the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple

5/ National Parks

parc national thailande

The three national parks you absolutely must see are Khao YaiKhao Sok and Kaeng Krachan. Erawan’s national Park also deserve a look, if you go near Kanchanaburi.

6/ Kanchanaburi

Pont rivière Kwai

Famous for it’s World War II historical sites (the ‘bridge over the river Kwai’ and the ‘Death Railway’), Kanchanaburi was a strategic point for the japanese army. You can also visit Erawan National Park from there.

7/ Learn to dive

Plongée Thailande

Thailand has many superbs diving spots and it’s the ideal place to obtain a PADI licence. For advanced divers, the Similan Island and Richelieu Rock on the West Coast of Thailand are famous diving spots. If you are lucky you can even see a whaleshark.

8/ Kayak in Phan Nga Bay

Photo baie de phang nga thailande

In my opinion that’s the place to visit in priority in Thailand. Located in the North-East of Phuket, you can see there a spectaculat scenery of vertical cliff emerging from the sea. The best way to explore this place is by Kayaking.

9/ Eat !

Pad Thai Thailande

One of the main reasons to go to Thailand: eat, eat and eat ! And dont be scared to try the street-food which is delicious.

10/ The Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party Thailande

Even if you’re not crazy about partying, this place is a must-see to enjoy the music, make new friends and see the fire juggling. Who knows, maybe you will have fun there !

11/ Ride an elephant

éléphant thailande

Ok I this makes it 11, but just because it’s cool to ride an elephant, even if you’re 70 years old.

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3 Comments on "Top 10 things to do and see in Thailand"

  1. If you are staying at Kanchanaburi 2-3 days, Eravan Falls in the National Park is a good option to visit, but it is overcrowded with tourists.. Don’t believe on those pictures you see with waterfalls with no people around.. It is literally overcrowded.. Most people only spends only 2-4 hours to see it and walk the trails around.

    Erawan National Park is not worth to put in list if that is the only reason you are going to Kanchanaburi! It is not a days trip from Bangkok! As Kanchanaburi is 4 hours away, change vehicle etc and get to Erawan is another 1-2 hours..

    If you really want to see a great National Park, Khao Yai and Kaeng Krachan are two good options. Khao Yai has a bit too many tourists, but not as crowded as Erawan, and it is also easily accessible:

    Kaeng Krachan is a bit trickier to get to, but untouched and not many tourists there:

    Kaeng Krachan is in my opinion the best national park in Thailand, I have been there 4 times already, next trip for me will be in 3 weeks time!

    Both national parks has crazy many mammals, birds, lizards, some great waterfalls, many trails.

    • When I went to Erawan it wasn’t that crowded (maybe weekdays?) and not really a hassle to get there… still a nice place, but maybe not as good as Kaeng Krachan since I haven’t seen many animals in Erawan. Thanks for your comment and all the information !

  2. Sorry, Kaeng Krachan one is here:

    one more detail: both there national parks are the biggest ones in Thailand. :)

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